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We can make high quality, true photographic prints from your digital camera media.


- Print sizes from wallets to 12x18. Refer to the reprint and enlargement price list for prices and sizes.

- We accept Compact Flash, Smart Media, Memory Stick, XD, SD, CDs, Zip 750 (IBM Only) and Floppy.

- The quality of our digital prints relies solely on the quality of your digital file. So be sure your using the higher image quality settings on your camera. 



We can make Photo CD.s from any roll of film, 120/220, 35mm color or B&W, APS, or any Digital Camera Media.


Image CD $9.99 1st Roll, $4.95 each Add'l

The Image CD holds up to 5 rolls of film and offers five resolutions and an optional sixth high resolution file of each image on the same CD. The Image CD comes with Presenter, a viewing program. Use the low resolution images to e-mail friends and family; use the medium resolution for home computer printing and programs; and use the higher resolutions to order superior photo reprints.


Image Diskette $4.99

Low resolution to keep track of pictures, view them with the included Presenter software. Use these images in computer & craft projects, screen savers, web pages, and more. 


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